Five Tips To Keep In Mind When Using A Disinfectants

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With the pandemic crisis on the rise, keeping your home and office spaces clean, healthy, and safe is paramount. A disinfectant comes in handy as it is meant to fight pathogens and viruses like Covid-19 so that you can protect your loved ones and employees. However, there are important do’s and don’ts while using a disinfectant, and being unaware of these methods could pose a severe health risk. Moreover, following proper guidelines will effectively reduce the germs in your surroundings. To educate yourself on the safe use of these cleaning products, Blue Elephant Of Georgia has listed five tips to keep in mind when using a disinfectant. Keep reading to know what they are.

Tip #1: Remove any items from the surface
Try clearing all the clutter off the counters by removing any utensils and equipment. It will make the cleaning job much easier and quicker.

Tip #2: Clean any dirt or debris on the surface
Make sure to wipe down loose dirt or debris on the surface before using the disinfectant. The dirt will act as a barrier when you spray the disinfectant, becoming less effective.

Tip #3: Spray disinfectant evenly
While spraying the disinfectant, make sure to spread it evenly throughout the surface. Ensure not to miss out on any nook or cranny if you want your space to be thoroughly cleaned.

Tip #4: Allow the disinfectant to dwell on the surface before wiping
Don’t start cleaning or wiping right away after spraying the disinfectant! Let it sit on the surface for a while so that it does the job it’s meant to do.

Tip #5: Use a clean towel to wipe disinfectant from the surface
Lastly, ensure that you use a clean dishcloth or towel to soak up and wipe the dirt away.

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